ATC (x2) w pierwszej 30 najlepszych kolumn, według What Hi-Fi!

What Hi-Fi, prowadząc od 1976 roku testy głośników, wybrał 30 najlepszych kolumn do stereo, w tym dwie pary głośników ATC.
To wielki zaszczyt. Tym bardziej że lista jest długa i zacna…



ATC SCM 11 (2006)

„The ATCs were the type of speaker that could play any type of music with ease.

The Gloucestershire-based company opted for a sealed cabinet for agile bass performance. The speaker’s two-way design had a mid/bass driver that was developed in-house and featured a hefty motor system.

As performers, they were talented in various hi-fi disciplines – either class-leading or not far off it in terms of timing, dynamics and scale.

They lost a little performance at low volume and were not sensitive – so they needed a hefty amplifier – but these were quibbles. They would only get better with the 2013 iteration.”



ATC SCM 100A (2011)

„The SCM 100As were imposing and functional lookers, but capable of great sound.

Rarely had we heard bass sound as good, as loud or as nuanced. Tonally they were spot-on, and capable of being immensely muscular as well as delivering a dose of subtlety too.

The ATC’s range of abilities meant they were handy across a wide range of music. Just be careful moving them: each speaker weighed a backbreaking 68kg.”


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